So I am doing some iPhone programming, and thus, I am working in XCode. Wow, this thing brings me back to when I was working at Triumf in the mid 90’s and working in X-Designer 4 on VMS. Ok, they do seem to have most of the features of a modern IDE (we don’t have a Refactor menu in 1996, I am sure), but wow is it hard to find anything without the help of the goog.

I mean, obviously comment out a line would be on some menu that looked like a a very wide S (eventually I discovered this was User Scripts). Really? Shouldn’t features like Comment Out, Clean and Build, etc have migrated to an actual menu item rather than a User Script? Don’t get me started about the default behavior of End and Home keys on the Mac, but I recognize that isn’t XCode’s fault but that of the Mac in general (and it isn’t that hard to fix).

It just seems to me that XCode looks like an ugly abandoned stepchild when compared to Visual Studio, and that for a company that is all about elegance, design and beauty they sure serve their developers a bit of a shit sandwich.